Private jets are not just a style – Safety comes first

Private jets are not just a style – Safety comes first

What is the fastest, safest and cheapest way to travel from point A to point B?

There are many answers, but if the distance is considerable or destination is on the other continent the only logical answer is by plane.

Today there are many airfare companies which are offering considerably cheap flight tickets and safe flight. Plane tickets today are considerably cheaper than thirty years or half a century ago and flying is just a normal every day activity.

But not all airfare companies are competing for the budget travelers. There are many private jet hire companies which are competing only for the highest one percent of the travelers. The profile of this people can be described with a few sentences: They are rich. They are important. Their time is expensive. They are coming from the all walks of life: Politicians, businessman, celebrities, royalty and so on…

Although private jet hire starts at the price tag of $2.500 per hour for the small private jet like Learjet 31, Learjet 35, Citation II and Citation V and $8.500 for the large cabin or heavy jets like Gulfstream G550 and Dassault Falcon 7X, many VIP clients can afford to travel with a private jet alone, with a few other friends or with their corporate staff. The private jet hire allows them to travel not just with a style and impress their business friends or relatives, but also to save time, and rich the destination without any problems, setbacks or stress.

High safety standards are paramount and the client will enjoy it from the moment he arrive at the airport. Corporate jet hire usually is offering a private airport gate which is safer than crowded commercial flight gates. The custom issues will be resolved in minutes, and the private jet is waiting for the client schedule. The client has the full freedom to plan his schedule without any concerns about the flight schedules.

The private jet hire is a multibillion business. There are hundreds private jet companies which are competing for any new client. Their private jet press releases are issued on a weekly or sometimes even on the daily bases in order to inform their clients about every aspect of the private jet hire business.

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