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SEO tips can help anyone to make his blog or web page more visited and to get more traffic from the Search Engines. This is the most natural traffic and it is the best traffic because visitors can find the real and useful info about their need.

The best way to start with Search Engine Optimization is to hire a good WEB Master or good WEB Company. If they are good, during the process of making your web site they will do the basic Onsite Search Engine Optimization. If they are beginners or they are just a good designers without any knowledge for ONSITE SEO, your web site or project is doomed to failure. So be very careful when choosing your partner for your next web project.

After you have your web site or blog online and running, you can slowly start to build links from other people web sites towards yours.
The best way for getting large quantities of free do follow back links is to search for a blogs which are powered by

You just need to leave a comment on this blogs and that is it!!! You have a do follow back link. Depends of the version of the blog, you can have a no follow link too. All new versions of have no follow comments.

A lot of web masters are making the same mistake all over again. They are starting to work and make a lot of back links only few days after their web site or blog is up and running. This is the best way to get sand boxed and to ruin the chance to get on the first page on Google. The best way is if you leave your blog without any SEO for the first month or two and then start slowly with a few links per week. After a 2 or 3 months you can leave few links per day.

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