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Many SEO specialists, even an established SEO companies are looking for a blogs and web sites powered by
This is explainable by the nature of easy leaving a DO FOLLOW link with a quality anchor text.
But this can be a problem because many blogs powered by are with low PR and with so many comments the link juice is almost negligible for real SERP usage and for making our blog or web site more successful in SEO aspect.
But this do not mean that we need to leave this strategy!

My experience tells me that this blogs are working great for SEO of single posts and pages of my blog. I mean the success is great with deep linking of the particular posts and deep web pages.

For example if I link to the main page of my blog, I am not going to have very big success, but if I do that with a single post it will be great.

Instead of linking to my main page I am going to deep link to a single post with an anchor text vw phaeton price. Use this example and test on which page of your blog you have the most visits. If this page is on the second page, link it with couple of links and will come on the first page in a few weeks.

If there are not too much posts with similar content and a lot of links, this single post will go up with SERP and after some time it will be on the first page of search engines.
Using this strategy even with low PR blog or web site you can have a steady stream of visitors and clients.

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