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Powered by blogengine.net is another search term or phrase by SEO specialists and web masters who like to make a back link. In my last post I was writing about powered by blogengine and you are more than welcome to read it too in order to understand how you can build slow but steady numbers of good DO FOLOW links.

Although I promised to start writing about some niches and usefull SEO tips, I change my mind because I come with an idea to have a word or two about this version of blogengine.net. I thing web masters and SEO specialists are not looking for this scraps anymore, but this explainable by growing numbers of blogengine blogs without possibilities for a leaving a good do follow links. Now it is really a rear opportunity to find older blogengine.net blog with a possibility to leave a comment with a link but I thing it is worthy to continue to look. Working like this myself I was not finding just a free place for placing a link, but also I was reading some really good stuff.

I am not promising anything about my next blog post. I will write according to my mood. This way you will get the best of me.

Until then – Stay positive!

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