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What is Marketing? By my free definition marketing is a way how to inform your potential or future clients about your product or service. Marketing also is a way to make your product or service more appealing than other similar products which are offered by your competition.

But most of the marketing techniques are simply not efficient. If you like to promote your product or service with a TV add or radio add, you need to ask yourself: How many viewers or listeners need this product or service right in this moment? Also you can try with internet marketing. You can put some banners or articles on the other people popular web sites and hope for the best. This is great if you KNOW that those web sites or blogs are for some niche which is connected to your service or product.

If you asking me which way or what kind of marketing is the best, I will say – SEM! Search Engine Marketing…
Search Engine Marketing will always bring you ONLY the clients which are looking for your service or product. Your SEM can be payed, so your add can appear on the top of the natural(?!) search engine results. Other way is to do some SEO for your web site where you are offering info or sell your services and products. This way your will invest initially, but when you jump on the first page you will enjoy benefits for a long time.
Of course this do not work for every company, service or product. You will need to be careful and if you are not experienced in marketing, let somebody to do this for you.

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